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We have set up Kaaryaalaya with a mission to provide our customers a one-stop solution for all types of service requirements, most of which are listed here. Even if you do not find a service needed by you, please contact us (on phone, SMS, Whatsapp, Email or directly logging in your requirement on the site), we will find the right service technician for your service needs.  This will help you to avoid the need to search for different service providers - we will do it for you, because of our local knowledge. 

We do not promise CHEAP services - our services come with our service guarantee - if we do not get a rating of 5 out of 5 (Excellent), we will continue to complete the task without any additional cost to you, till you are fully satisfied. Because, we believe, for our survival and growth, our customers' should be fully satisfied.

Customer satisfaction, is our business.

Following are the different services that we currently offer under Technical Category:

Our Electrical & Plumbing workers provide new fixtures for your new homes/ offices, and repairs to your existing homes/ offices. We also supply good quality materials and products like cables, switchgear, switchboards, bathroom accessories etc.

Our Civil Works section provides masonry, earth excavation and earth moving works. We specialise in modernising your existing, old-plan homes into most-modern ones - including new interiors, floorings, wall tiles, ceilings and other sophisticated fittings, incl. Vaastu compliance.

 Our Painting staff will undertake all your needs for painting - from new homes to homes and apartment buildings needing re-painting and refurbishing. We will provide innovative wall designs to suit your lifestyle too.

 Our Cleaning services include cleaning of water tanks, using current technology for cleaningsewer & septic tanks, home cleaning, carpet shampoo wash and pest control services. 

 Our Furniture division with trained carpenterswill provide you with solutions of furnishing and re-furnishing your homes, or provide repairs to your valuable furniture.

 From installations to repairs and regular servicing, our AC mechanics will ensure that your air-conditioners provide you with fresh air at all times.

 The Electrical and Electronic goods services division has a large number of trained technicians, who handle a whole lot of your important homeproducts. This includes washing machines, water heaters,microwave ovens, mixer grinders, wet grinders, water pumps, UPS, Inverters, Stabilisers etc.

 Our Domestic Help Service provides for full time or part time domestic workers to carry out a large number of services, which also includes preparing food to taking care of old and sick people. 


Our interior works division works in line with our civil works and furniture division to provide our customers a total solution.

We have lined up some of the best tutors to provide you (or your children) the best quality education and academic advice to excel in their studies. We also provide career counselling to choose the right course for your children.

we have professionals to help you in corporate advisory, legal and tax advisory services, that includes setting up new startup companies and advise on expansion.

Our professionals will provide you with the best accounting and book keeping services.

 We have beauty professionals to cater to your beauty treatments and bridal preparations.

 Our wedding and big-function planners will help you in your events, from stage setting to music, catering arrangements and other logistics.

We cater to your temporary needs of equipment by providing them on hire for you at reasonable rates. More specifically, when the summer arrives, our air-coolers are highly sought after.

We have on our rosters accomplished photographers and videographers to cover all of your functions, from birthdays to weddings to anniversary events.

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